After the initial closing on our condo; we made the 1st payment to Eagle Home Mortgage with no problems. Until they sold our loan to Loancare, LLC. Then the fun started.... Loancare increased our monthly payment. After many emails and documented phone calls with no...
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I am dealing with Eagle Mortgage at this time and am not very impressed, glad it is a small amount I plan on paying off in less than 6 months. I should have stayed with my pre...

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  • Sold my loan to a rip-off company
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loan officer said they would meet with us in florida, set up appointment date and time, never showed up, finally called us had wrong phone number even though it was given to her several times,,, requested to meet with her at office, refused. All personal information...
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There are so many things to list from a company name change confusion to outright misleading the consumer. Having to interface with very old technology that often failed to outright blaming the consumer for the technology issues; continually sending and resending forms...
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